Chu’di Ejekam

Michael Chu’di Ejekam is an expert in Nigerian retail, investing, and commercial real estate. He was part of the team that brought Heritage Place to fruition. As Nigeria’s first green certified commercial building, it has paved the way for other buildings and raised the standards for commercial development. Michael Chu’di Ejekam also goes by Michael Chudi Ejekam, Michael Ejekam, Chu’di Ejekam and Chudi Ejekam. Being involved in commercial real estate and retail investments, Michael Chu’di Ejekam is constantly watching the market to see which companies are performing well.

Michael Chu'di Ejekam, Michael Chudi Ejekam, Michael Ejekam, Michael Chudi Ejekam Michael Chu’di Ejekam

Title: Michael Chu’di Ejekam – Las Vegas Hotels
Description: Michael Chu’di Ejekam is oftentimes considered by journalists and industry executives for his visions and experience related to the retail real estate industry.
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